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Fox in The Snow

I love breakfast. Everything about it. The pastries, the coffee, the slight food coma you go in after nomming on way too much bread and sugar. The only thing I don’t eat at breakfast is any pork products, yes that includes bacon. The Beard on the other hand loves bacon and doesn’t love breakfast food. Match made in food heaven.

The dreamiest place for a quick and heavenly breakfast is Fox in The Snow. It’s located in Italian Village, just a little south of campus and Seventh Son Brewing. It’s one of those places that you blink and you might miss it and then you are stuck figuring out how to get back through all those one way streets. It’s a cute little military looking green brick building with their adorable white fox logo pasted on the wall. 


When you step inside, you are immediately overcome with the amazing smell of freshly baked bread and pastries paired with brewing coffee beverages. Everything is made from scratch and boy it shows. If you are a nosy person at restaurants like me, you’ll love that their kitchen has huge glass windows that you can peek through while waiting for your morning necessities. Their menu has a decent amount of options ranging in flavors and prices so everyone will find something they love. 


After staring at the menu for five minutes, okay drooling, we finally decided what to get for our morning trip. The Beard got a biscuit (sans jam) and a cappuccino and I decided on the ever popular egg sandwich (bacon on the side) and a mocha with almond milk. The lovely lady at the register notified me that the egg sandwich had bacon which I super appreciated; I’m not sure of her name but she is also so sweet and calm whenever I’m here. If you are intrigued by how barista’s make beautiful and comforting caffeinated beverages, then you definitely want to come to Fox in The Snow. They make everything right in front of you and then pour your flawless latte art on the counter so you can admire and look on with wonder. 


I actually didn’t know that they had a patio until this visit and it was such a nice little surprise. It was a weirdly warm November day for Ohio so it was perfect to sit outside and enjoy our snacks and coffee. If you’d rather sit inside, they have a pretty decent amount of seating including this sturdy community table that I eventually want in my dining room someday. 


Like I said, The Beard got a biscuit which had layers for days. He didn’t get jam but they have the option of a raspberry jam that you can get inside of it too if that’s more your style. It has a beautiful hard glaze on top that makes it sweet and oh so shiny. I got the egg sandwich which is a pillow of egg topped with arugula, bacon, cheese and a little mayo like sauce in between two amazingly soft pieces of sourdough bread. I could have eaten three more of these.   


If I could eat here every single day, I would. But, I don’t think my wallet would appreciate an $18 breakfast every morning. If you have the 30 minutes, I would highly suggest staying at Fox in The Snow to enjoy your breakfast because I’m pretty sure that’s half the reason the food is so amazing; the ambiance is infectious. The owners are from Brooklyn and wanted to bring a little slice of NYC to Columbus and if that’s the case, then I absolutely need to visit the Big Apple in my future.    


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