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Disney World Snacks

I mean yes, we had planned meals every day on our trip. But, we also obviously had snacks all day. When you are walking multiple miles in a day while pushing a stroller, I think all the calories are free. Right? This first snack really needs no introduction, the infamous Dole Whip! Find it at Magic Kingdom in the Aloha Isle in Adventureland right across from the Aladdin ride. 
Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The Baker

For half of our trip to Disney World, we stayed in the Port Orleans: Riverside Resort (more on that later) and I LOVED it. This is the only resort at Walt Disney World where you can actually get to two resorts. You can take a leisurely stroll, a horse-drawn carriage, or even a boat ride on over to Port Orleans: French Quarter. There you’ll find these amazingly delicious homemade beignets. I was shocked at how delicious these were because they are legit in a food court. From what I see on Instagram, sometimes they have seasonal flavors too! 

Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The Baker

So I’m not going to lie. The real reason that I wanted to try LeFou’s Brew is because it sounds so weird. Well, and he was my favorite part of the most recent Beaty & The Beast. It’s made with “no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam.” I know, sounds disgusting. But, it was SO GOOD. Even though it was “no-sugar added,” it was super sweet so I’m super glad that we shared it because I definitely couldn’t drink a whole one. Find it in Gaston’s Tavern at Magic Kindgom behind The Beast’s castle. Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The BakerWe couldn’t leave out Disney Springs! Previously known as Downtown Disney, this touristy destination actually boasts some pretty yummy food. Plus, you don’t need a ticket to Disney World to visit! You can get four different varieties at The Daily Poutine but we stuck with the basic french fry topped with gravy and cheese curds. I actually hated sharing this because I could have eaten an entire one by myself. No judgment, remember all the walking? Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The BakerWhen we decided to go to Florida in the middle of May, my naive little self thought that it would be reasonably temperate. Well, I’m dumb because it was hot as hell. Luckily, we cooled off with this marvelous little “Kakigori,” or Japanese Shaved Ice at the Kabuki Cafe outside of Japan at Epcot. You can get a variety of flavors to toss on top of your tasty little dish. But, be sure to eat it asap because it will melt immediately. Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The Baker

Best for last! The Beard researched all the food before we went on vacation, of course, and this was top of his list of things to try. These are Beijing-Style Candied Strawberries from China in Epcot. They are fresh strawberries dipped in sugar (corn syrup), topped with sesame seeds and then frozen. They are amazing. I literally wish I could have ordered 10 skewers. Luckily, there are a million knock off recipes on the internet and I’m about to go make them all. 
Walt Disney World Snacks // The Beard and The Baker

So, I had a bunch of other snack items to share with you but they are awful pictures. I had just gotten my new lens and clearly didn’t know how to use it yet so the pictures suck and I refuse to share them with you. Sorry guys. But, don’t worry because we will go back eventually and I’ll add more to the list! 

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