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The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek: Brunch Edition

We love, love, love The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek. There are several reasons for our love. First of all, they are part of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurant group. Secondly, we had our wedding dinner here so it holds a special place in our hearts. Thirdly, their food is amazing including the best fried chicken in Columbus. 

The Barn hosts their weekly Sunday Brunch Buffet with a huge variety of options. I’ll get to those soon but first, let’s talk about the pricing! You can head over to their restaurant in Gahanna from 10am-2:30pm every Sunday to enjoy brunch and it will set you back $31.99 for adults, $14.95 for ages 6-12 and kids under 5 are free. It’s seriously totally worth the price, especially if you have a toddler that easts like an adult aka Baby O. 

Not only do they have an awesome selection of buffet items, see more pictures below, they have some specialty items you can order too. I ordered an omelet and was happily surprised that it was on the smaller side so I could still fill up on fried chicken without overindulging too much. I should also mention that coffee and soda are included in your buffet price but if you want alcohol, that’s a little extra. But, also totally worth it because their Bloody Mary comes with spicy beef jerky. Yes, please. 

Okay, so let’s get to the good part, the food. Their selection changes every so often but here are some of our favorites. Literally, the fried chicken is amazing. It’s flavorful, crispy, delicious and mouth-watering. We love it so much that it was one of my requirements for our wedding menu. I love eggs benedict so I had to snag one of those. I will say that the hollandaise was a little sour but all in all, it was delicious. 

Most of the food is served in these lovely chafing dishes and are refilled seriously every like 15 minutes. You won’t find any of that typical stale buffet food here. I even overheard a few of the servers changing out some pans because they didn’t think they looked good enough. This is why I love the Cameron Mitchell group of restaurants, they really care about the quality of their food and service. Speaking of service, our server said “my pleasure” a la Chick-fil-A which is my favorite thing ever. 

Prime rib, ya’ll. It was fabulous and a selection from their carving station. They also had pork loin at that station, alongside several sauce options. Because honestly, condiments are my favorite. Their horseradish sauce has just the perfect amount of tang to it. You can also get a little bowl of au jus if you need a little extra mo*stness. 

So if you are more of a sweet type of breakfast guy or gal, you will love this option! This is essentially a loaded French Toast bar and it rocked my world. The French Toast is a little more like bread pudding (which I loved) so it was fun to add all these toppings to it. I opted for the fresh cherry sauce and fresh whipped cream

If you are an egg lover like me, you have loads of choices! There is the aforementioned eggs benedict, scrambled eggs, and this yummy broccoli and cheese quiche. I can’t say for sure but I’m like 99% sure that they make their pie/quiche crust. More on desserts later in the post. 

Okay, this is a terrible picture but these cheddar biscuits are amazing. I actually could have eaten like a million of them. If cheddar biscuits aren’t your thing, they have loads of carbs to enjoy including white/wheat bread for toast, bagels, english muffins, banana bread and more. 

Here’s the last savory item we enjoyed before I get to the good (sweet) stuff. They had a loaded chili bar which was also pretty amazing. After I made up my yummy cup of chili, I realized it was 10:30am on a Sunday and chili just wasn’t what I wanted at that moment. But, I still appreciated the option. 

The dessert selection during The Barn brunch is actually absurd and amazing. This isn’t even all of them! I love that all the pieces are small so you can get a whole array of options without wasting any. I had to show you the coconut cake because we had it at our wedding and it was fabulous. It’s fluffy and magical and amazing. Bonus points if you can find me in this picture. 


Another cake option if coconut isn’t your thing. They also had maple blondies, brownies, caramel chocolate goodies, lemon bars and more. I adore whomever the pastry chef here is because they actually saved our wedding cake. We got a special cake from Kittie’s Cakes and somehow in our delivery from the shop to The Barn, I had smooshed it in the box. Whoops! The pastry chef saved it completely and you’d never know that I almost ruined it. 

Last but not least, some freshly baked cookies. I hope we’ve encouraged you to head to The Barn for your next brunch extravaganza. Make your reservation here


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