Outer Banks

Tortuga’s Lie: Restaurant Review

While we were visiting Outer Banks, we were staying right down the beach road from Tortuga’s Lie. Even if you’ve never been here, you might recognize it from its time on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. This cozy little spot is “nestled among the dunes of the Outer Banks town of Nags Head,” and it’s exactly the type of restaurant you’d like to find just a few blocks from the beach. Their quirky decor is just quintessential beach town to me. There are surfboards everywhere, a giant fish tank in the middle of one of the walls, and license plates littering the walls. See, all the license plates. I think you could play a fun “name the state” game here. You might have to play that game while waiting though because they don’t take reservations. We got there at about 2pm and there was no wait though, so you might get lucky! We started with a super simple appetizer but it was actually delicious. The chips and salsa will only set you back about $3 and you might even want to order two. The homemade salsa is smoky, a bit spicy and deliciously fresh. The corn tortilla chips are crispy with just the right amount of salt.If you can’t get enough of their homemade hot sauce, you can order some to get delivered to you right at home! 
We were with my two little sisters and they don’t have the most esteemed of palates, they made us order the garlic bread. I was happily surprised when it was actually a toasty little loaf with fresh garlic mixed in and on top. 

I mean look at that garlic. YUM. I feel like you fall into two categories, those who like garlic and those (like me) who could eat whole cloves of garlic as a snack. This bread was delicious and I’m glad that they chose this as our appetizer. On to the entrees! They had a daily special menu and I snagged a sandwich off of there. It was a deliciously seasoned fresh tuna “burger” topped with feta and a fruit salsa sandwiched between a soft bun with a smidgen of mayo. I probably could have eaten three. Or maybe two and seven sides of these island fries. SO GOOD. The Beard opted for a burger on their daily menu, the Swiss Jerk burger.It was covered in spicy “jerk” seasoning and swiss cheese and also paired with island fries. I’m not actually sure what makes them island fries except for the fact that they are super seasoned and delicious and I want to eat them all again. I told you my sisters didn’t have the highest standards when it comes to vacation meals. But, she did say it was one of the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that she has ever had, so that’s a start. Oh, and here is Lauren with her buttered pasta. Make sure you put this one on your list next time you visit Outer Banks! 

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