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Building: Charcuterie and Cheese with Re:work, North Country Charcuterie, and Black Radish Creamery

Yet again, I got to be the plus one to an event my super cool sister was invited to this week. This time around, we headed to Re:work Furnishings for their Building: Charcuterie & Cheese with Black Radish Creamery and North Country Charcuterie. While our ticket was paid for, all thoughts and opinions are purely my own. I’m going to go ahead and preface this by telling you that I actually don’t eat pork but I ate about 5 slices of family-owned North Country Charcuterie and would probably have eaten more if I didn’t feel like I was breaking my moral code. It was SO GOOD. Also, they used Saddleberk Pork which is pretty sustainable so I felt okay because the pigs lived happy lives. Their passion and excitement for making quality charcuterie is clear by the way they talk and how delicious the product really is. If you haven’t tried their product yet, you can find it at places like North Market (at Black Radish Creamery), The Butcher & Grocer, Weinland’s, and even restaurants like The Market, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, and more! Our class at Re:work Furnishings was a two-part event, first a guided Charcuterie & Cheese Tasting followed by a workshop for us to make our own board on a handcrafted Re:work Furnishings cutting board. In my Whole Foods Market days, I made cheese plates for every single event I hosted so I thought I knew a thing or two about making a killer cheese board. I might be able to make them pretty but I did not know clearly as much as I thought I did about perfecting a cheese board. 

With the holiday season right around the corner, I really need to brush up on my cheese plating techniques so this was the perfect class for me. Brian, Head Cheese Monger at Black Radish Creamery hails from a 5th (or 6th) generation dairy farm in Ohio (Canal Junction Farm), so I think cheese might actually run in his veins. His passion and expertise just radiated off of him, I didn’t want him to stop telling us about the ins and outs of the cheese industry. It was captivating. Lucky for all of us, he is hosting a Cheddar Testing Class at their shop at North Market on November 9th, sign up here
Two of our accouterments for our DIY cheese board were pickled beets and wild blueberries that I’m pretty sure were soaked in vinegar. They were so yummy and I’ve never thought to put either of those things on a cheese plate. We learned all about the art of comparing and contrasting cheese, salami, and the goodies that go along with them. The wonderful thing about cheese plates is that everyone has a different palate and if you have plenty of options, everyone will find something they’ll love on your board. I think my favorite tip of the night was to make sure you always buy items that you like when hosting a party because you’re going to be the one eating the leftovers. 
Okay, so now to the amazingly awesome venue where this class was hosted! It was pretty awesome and I’m thinking of all the reasons to have a party. I should have taken more pictures but I was distracted by the food. From their website, “Re:work Furnishings specializes in sustainable home decor, gifts, custom furniture and commercial installations made from reclaimed wood and upcycled materials. We’re powered by family, our commitment to sustainability and our love for killer craftsmanship, and we get our kicks from giving new life to old stuff and spaces.”

But, from me – I’m obsessed with this space and with this adorable, hardworking, marvelous little family. We were greeted by the owners Lindsay and Alex’s kiddos who were more focused and dedicated to their job performance than most millennials I know. Sorry, guys, but it’s true. I have a feeling that everyone will be getting a few custom The Beard and The Baker pieces this holiday season. 
There is this indescribable feeling I get when I leave events that feature passionate business owners that inspires me to my very core. A Columbus shop owner once told me that she “doesn’t have competition, but rather has supportive colleagues” and I just thought that was so lovely. The Columbus food scene is so fiercely supportive of one another and I just think we could use a little more of that everywhere in our world.

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