The Pub Chip Shop: Restaurant Review

I’ve mentioned this before in our other Pittsburgh reviews, but I cover this territory for work so I travel here often. Luckily, I get to try some delicious restaurants while I’m visiting. Plus, it’s only a 3-hour drive from our home in Columbus, Ohio so it’s really not that far of a trip! This time around, we got takeout from The Pub Chip Shop.

This fish and chip shop has a full Scottish bakery and is located in the historic South Side. Next time we visit, you better believe we are taking advantage of that bakery portion of the restaurant. They also have a food truck so if you see that out and about, make sure to grab something tasty! 
We had Baby O with us so she got her own meal to try. I mean french fries are basically a food group for her so this was her favorite dinner. For $5, O got a deliciously crispy, flavorful fried chicken tender with a generous helping of fries. These are the type of fries that you want to toss a boatload of malt vinegar on for eating. Writing that literally made my mouth water.  While I wanted to order literally everything off their menu, I opted for the “New York-ish,” a sandwich made with house corned beef, swiss, beer battered pickles, and 1000 Island ($7). I mean, this comes with beer battered pickles. Can it be anything except amazingly delicious? The answer is no. 

If corned beef isn’t your thing, they also have sandwiches (baps) like The Pub Club, B.L.T., Chicken Fried Bacon L.T., and Perch with baja sauce. They even have Boxty Tot Boxes filled with homemade tots and yummy things like thai chili fried chicken or steak and gravy or even buffalo shrimp! Since they are a fish and chips joint at the heart, The Beard had to try their fried fish ($7). It was amazing. It was flavorful, crisp, not too greasy and the fish was perfectly flaky. He also got a chicken tender and a side of gravy atop a pile of those mouth watering french fries. Seriously, if you find yourself on the South Side of Pittsburgh, you better make a pit stop at The Pub Chip Shop. 

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