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Prep + Pared Meal Kits Now at Kroger

This is seriously so exciting, everyone. Our friends at Kroger hooked us up with one of their awesome new meal kits also known as Prep + Pared. If you like simple and delicious meals for the whole family, you are bound to love these. I mean who wouldn’t be excited about a homemade meal that takes less than 30 minutes to prepare with little to no prep work? Prep + Pared at Kroger // The Beard and The BakerWe were invited to the Media Party for Prep + Pared here in Columbus and got to take home one of the lovely meal kits. We chose the Carne Asada Steak but they have a ton of rotating options. My other favorite selection that we tried was the Mushroom Stroganoff over Cauliflower Hash Cakes! Since The Beard isn’t a fan of mushrooms or cauliflower, I’ll have to pick that one up just for myself. This dish was super easy to make but I definitely should have read the instructions a few times first. It took me about 30 minutes to totally finish things up because I didn’t totally follow the rules step by step. We’ve tried other meal kits in the past but they are all such a pain, to be honest. Sometimes, we don’t want to make them or don’t like the recipes but are committed to them because of the subscription. With Prep + Pared, you can literally just pick up whatever looks good to you in Kroger! 

The prices start at $14 per meal and go upwards of $20 depending on the ingredients and the protein. Each Prep + Pared Meal Kit feeds two people and I’ll say there was definitely enough food for both of us for dinner. This is really such a lifesaver for those nights when you don’t want to get takeout but don’t want to completely cook from scratch. We did add some tortillas to make tacos out of this meal but only because The Beard doesn’t like beans so he needed some extra carbs. The even better part about Prep + Pared is that there was very little trash. The packaging is super minimal so no giant boxes or ice packs that you have to trash. Share with us what Prep + Pared meal kit you are going to make at home! 

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