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Piada Taste Tour: Fall Edition

Our friends at Piada invited us to a fun Taste Tour event to share their new fall-winter menu with you! While all our delicious snacks were paid for, all thoughts and opinions are purely our own. 
First up, let’s talk about all the wonderful vendors who were featured at the Taste Tour event! It was held at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab, which is amazing. Located near Bexley, it “features areas for coffee evaluation, roasting, training, and gathering.” Basically, I want to live there. They even host Coffee Education classes for the general public and you better believe I’m going to sign up for them! As if all the coffee tasting wasn’t enough, we also got to sample some pretty delicious brews from Cleveland born Platform Beer Company.  My favorite was the “Becky,” a blueberry apple cider that wasn’t too sweet or too tart, it was just right. Have you had the chance to stop by their Taproom in Columbus, yet? The last of the wonderful vendors we sampled during Piada’s Taste Tour was the one and only Rime Time Pops! The two brothers behind these curiously crafted popsicles are delightful humans and their treats are just as wonderful. They tossed a Cocoa Dream Pop into a cup of Crimson Cup Nitro Cold Brew and it is now the only way I want to drink cold brew. I couldn’t get enough. Well, I could, otherwise, I would have been up for three days. Alright, alright, now for the extra good stuff! Piada was born out of a love for the charming family operated food carts found scattered all around Italy. Their mission is to “create fresh, modern Italian food focused on the preparation of high-quality ingredients and attention to simplistic cooking.” That thoughtfulness is evident in the food they produce (we are frequent diners at the Worthington location) and the atmosphere in their restaurants. We were invited to sample their new fall-winter menu that officially launches on October 10th, nationwide. I might be first in line to get this salad. The Harvest Grain salad is made with farro, spiced pecans, dried cranberries, feta, sweet potatoes, fennel, and basil. Then, it’s tossed in a red wine dressing. I liked every single thing in this dish but what really set it apart was the fresh basil sprinkled throughout the bowl. I’m probably going to get this at least once a week once it’s officially in stores. 
These Chef’s were hugging when we walked into the kitchen and I really tried to get a cute picture of them but they got a little camera shy. It’s clear why the food is so tasty, happy people make happy food. 
The brains behind it all, Chef Matt, gives us the passionate details behind this new menu. For example, their decision to source basil from a local producer, Old Souls, is just one way they are trying to elevate the fast casual food industry. Another is launching new and seasonal items every few months to keep things exciting and fun for customers. This Mediterranean Power Bowl is not only totally ‘gramable, it’s completely delicious. It features roasted veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes, mixed with glazed chickpeas and pickled red onions on a bed of red quinoa drizzled with harissa and greek yogurt sauce. By the way, they make the majority of their sauces in house. Chef Matt believes that’s something that truly sets them apart from the competition. I tend to agree with him because this sauce would make dirt taste amazing. Oh, the Porchetta Sandwich. A slow roasted pork loin seasoned with Tuscan spices – porcini, rosemary, garlic, and pepper – layered on a rustic Italian roll and topped with basil aioli, pickled red onions, and fennel. This is just what your fall palate needs. I don’t personally eat pork, but The Beard does and he was genuinely impressed with Piada’s rendition of a Porchetta Sandwich. This adventurous dish proves that Piada has some pretty killer culinary chops up their sleeves. To round out their seasonal menu, Piada also added a new beverage to the mix! Introducing the Blood Orange Pomegranate Iced Tea. While it could seem odd that an iced tea is a feature for fall-winter, it’s actually pretty smart because both blood orange and pomegranate are at the height of their seasonality in winter. I loved this tea but would actually really like to also try a warm version. Maybe I’ll have to attempt a recreation at home. Perhaps I’ll also attempt their dreamy Harvest Grain bowl.  Mark your calendars now for October 10th! Follow along with us on social and we’ll be sure to let you know when this new menu hits stores so you can be the first to try some of their new dishes. Tell us below what you are most looking forward to trying! 

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