Fox in The Snow

I love breakfast. Everything about it. The pastries, the coffee, the slight food coma you go in after nomming on way too much bread and sugar. The only thing I don’t eat at breakfast is any pork products, yes that includes bacon. The Beard on the other hand loves bacon and doesn’t love breakfast food. […]

Monkey Bread

 I’ve been doing The Kitchn Baking School online for the past few weeks and there was a lesson all about rich yeast bread & sweet bread so I decided to take a chance making monkey bread. I’m now incredibly envious of any child who grew up eating monkey bread. It is so fluffy, sugary and perfect for a group breakfast. […]

BIBIBOP Sawmill Opens Tomorrow!

Full disclosure, I’m writing this post on a full stomach from the tastiest bowl of purple rice, flavorful steak, a mountain of veggies and a medley of serve yourself sauces so it might be filled with drool worthy sentences. Bibibop, a Columbus based and fast casual restaurant is opening their 8th store in the past two […]

Chunky Short Rib Chili

Don’t you just love chili, especially homemade chili? If you said no to the question, then you are a monster and should stop reading. It’s full fledged fall here in Ohio which means we are busting out the dutch oven and cooking up a big batch of this recipe to enjoy. The nice (and terrible) […]

Cinnamon Rolls and Vanilla Glaze

Sometimes I don’t know why I love baking so much because I am incredibly impatient. But, I guess when being patient means getting tasty homemade snacks, it’s totally worth it. I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that one of the best morning (or afternoon or evening) pastries is an ooey gooey homemade cinnamon roll. Now, I’m not […]

First Post & Good Day Columbus!

Happy Monday! I’m so excited to officially be writing our first post on The Beard and The Baker. I’m also overly excited to share that our kickoff of this Columbus blog was announced on Good Day Columbus this past Friday! Joel (The Beard) and I (The Baker) want to share our favorite barrel aged comfort food recipes with […]

Coming Soon!

Happy Friday! It only took about a year, but The Beard and The Baker is happening! Be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and here at¬† for updates on our food adventures at home and around the best city in America. Also, tune into @gooddaycolumbus¬†today at 9:45am to see me (Hannah) show you how […]