Pumpkin Banana Bread

It is Fall in Ohio so f I don’t post a recipe with pumpkin, I think I get my midwest female blogger card revoked. When I write recipes, I usually look all over the world wide web for what I want to make to search for some inspiration. Today I found these three recipes: Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread from […]

Los Guachos Taqueria: Restaurant Review

Okay, so here’s the thing. I love Mexican Food. Always have, always will. But, I didn’t realize that I loved real Mexican Food until I found Los Guachos Taqueria on Godown Road. It’s life changing and you’ll feel the same after you visit this fantastic little hole in the strip mall restaurant. Let’s start with the […]

Old Skool: Restaurant Review

A Saturday spent in Clintonville is a well spent Saturday in our books. Now that it’s officially Farmer’s Market season, we popped by the Clintonville Farmer’s Market (the best one in our opinion) then Lucky’s Market and then we obviously needed to grab lunch because Silverbridge coffee doesn’t count as a meal. Since we were […]

Philly Burgers

Well, sorry about the long lapse in recipes and general ramblings about food and life. But, with our new found exciting baby news (little girl Lewis coming 8.8.16!)  and starting a new job, we’ve had a few other things on our mind. Don’t worry though, The Beard & The Baker (and the bun 😉 ) […]

The Barn: Restaurant Review

We’ve had a lot of reasons to celebrate lately and what’s our favorite way to celebrate? With food, of course. Good, delicious, amazing food. We’ve been wanting to test out The Barn at Rocky Fork Creek for a while and we felt we finally had a reason to drop $100 on dinner. I am sometimes skeptical of […]

Cajun Chicken Stew

Everyone loves a simple one (or two) pot dinner. This one doesn’t disappoint. Technically, we used a pan to brown the chicken and our trusty dutch oven to meld all the flavors together. You could use only the dutch oven for this recipe, just be sure to clean it out after you cook the chicken. The […]

Childhood Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Sometimes you don’t need to mess with a classic. Food doesn’t always have to be unique to be amazing. It’s been pretty gross in Columbus lately, rain everyday with no end in sight. To me, that means you eat soup. And nothing goes better with tomato soup than a crispy and gooey grilled cheese. The nice thing […]

Soft Homemade Bagels

Is there anything more amazing than a freshly toasted bagel with some butter slathered on top? Sure isn’t. There is a Panera Bread within walking distance to our apartment and they almost know me on a first name basis. It’s an addiction. Their rapid pickup app on my phone is literally the best invention. I […]