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The Goat: Restaurant Review

Last week we got invited to get a taste and tour of The Goat in New Albany. While our food and drinks were covered, all thoughts and opinions are purely our own. If you aren’t familiar with The Goat, it’s a restaurant and bar located in the Lifestyle Communities in Columbus, Louisville, and Nashville. We visited The Goat in New Albany, but there are several around Columbus and they are equally as wonderful. Each one features a gorgeous bar and restaurant area that is open to more than just the residents. They have several huge TV’s that you can see from any seat in the house which are quite perfect for game day. We were there right before the OSU season opener and the restaurant was almost full but not overwhelming like a normal bar. 
Okay, enough about the decor. I know what you really care about is all the deliciously yummy food. Oh, and the drinks, of course. First things first, we had Blueberry Mule featuring vodka, ginger, freshly squeezed lime, soda, blueberry-infused syrup, garnished with a mint sprig. It was wonderful. Not too sweet, not too tart and definitely not too boozy. The best part about this cocktail is that it’s just $5 during happy hourOur lovely Chef put together a sampler of their favorite appetizers and now my favorite appetizers. This slice is their Devil on Goatback pizza which features white cheddar, pork belly, baby spinach, caramelized onions, dates, and sriracha aioli. It’s a clever play on devils on horseback which are delightful dates filled with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon. It was marvelous and I want to go back on Wednesday’s when they are just $5
Next up is one of my favorite appetizers ever. Buffalo cauliflower! I mean if you deep fry a vegetable, it can’t really ever be bad. They marinate the cauliflower in buttermilk, bread it, fry it up and then serve it on a dollop of homemade hot garlic sauce and ranch. 
Well, here’s another fried vegetable. Actually, the fried pickle was just on top, but it was obviously a wonderful part of these loaded tots. This rendition is a homemade crispy tater tot sitting on top of homemade beer cheese, white cheddar cheese, braised pork, pickled pepper relish and a chipotle aioli. On Tuesday, each variety of their tots are just $5! Not sure if this was planned, but look how cute this little heart shaped aioli on top of my pickle chip. Tacos! Clearly, I love tacos, evident by our Instagram feed. While they have multiple options, we sampled the Jamaican Jerk taco which has chickpeas on it. Not going to lie, I was skeptical of the chickpeas but they were so good on there! I actually think I’m going to recreate this dish because it was fabulous and light and flavorful. 
Not sure if I mentioned this yet, but they make about 90% of their food at The Goat. The Chef’s gave us this little gift to go after the event, a jar of their homemade Jamaican Jerk seasoning! While they make a majority of their spice rubs, they said that when they buy something pre-made, they go with my FAVORITE, Penzey’s! I knew I loved them. 
We had to lighten it up a little bit after our first few courses. They let us try their Avocado Lime Salad which is spring mix, grape tomatoes, red onion, guacamole, grilled pineapple salsa, ranch-seasoned (!!) corn tortilla chips, a lime wedge, and chipotle ranch. It was the perfect little break in our feast. 
Well, we also had to get another cocktail. This time I went for The Elder-Berry which features Tito’s Vodka, St. Germain, strawberry preserves, freshly squeezed lime, and a mint sprig. It was quite yummy and not as sweet as I thought it would be. Like I mentioned, these are $5 during happy hour but only $6.50 normally. I mean, what, that’s amazing. 
Oh, for the main course! They let us sample their new fall feature, homemade shrimp and grits. I actually don’t really love shrimp but this was SO good. It was smoky, crisp and delightfully flavorful. The grits are served in a poblano pepper which I thought was quite adorable and delicious. All this goodness sits on a bed of tomato sauce with peppers and onions. I could have eaten four of these. 
Dessert, my favorite. Their pastry chef spoke so beautifully about her dish and anytime that happens, you know it’s going to taste great. The extra little addition to this strawberry shortcake is the passionfruit. It was delightful and I would go back just for this bite. 
The Goat isn’t the only amazing thing about Lifestyle Communities. Their homes are absolutely beautiful. They define luxury and if we didn’t feel the need to have a backyard for our dog and child, we’d want to live there immediately. Okay, actually we still want to live there. Look, they even have giant jenga! 
Right outside The Goat is their pool which also has these pretty cute cornhole boards that you can use. I didn’t mention this but during the OSU game, they were doing giveaways for the OSU vs. MSU game. They have so many fun activities going on for residents and non-residents alike. 
Who doesn’t want to spend every summer day at this pool? There is a swim up bar! I thought those only existed at all inclusive resorts. Now we know that they also exist in New Albany, Ohio. Let us know what you think about The Goat in the comments below! 

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