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Columbus Food Truck Festival

This is the first time that we have ever been to the Columbus Food Truck Festival and it was SO FUN. We already all know that Columbus has a pretty amazing food scene and our food trucks are no exception. This year, the festival was located at Bicentennial Park and The Scioto Mile which was an awesome location for it. There was so much space and all the trucks were perfectly spaced with music, retail trucks, and kid’s activities littered throughout the festival. 

There were over 50 food trucks present at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, which definitely made it hard to decide which ones to try! There were definitely the local staples like Hai Poke, Paddy Wagon, and Jeni’s available to enjoy. But, we wanted to make sure we sampled some of the out of towners too. For example, this AMAZING food truck from Cincinnati, Hungry Bros

Not only are their names hilarious, their food was absolutely spectacular. We got the “Vladimir Poutine” (LOLZ) and I figured it’d just be a casually yummy gravy-laden pile of fries. But, it was a DELICIOUS pile of yummy root beer and dried cherry braised lamb and onion gravy on top of seasoned waffle fries with Wisconsin cheese curds. Technically, it comes with a fried egg but The Beard doesn’t like eggs and we were sharing. Stupid marriage. JK. But, seriously an egg on top would take this over the edge. 

I’ve been wanting to try Cupzilla forever! Our timing just never seemed to work out, until the Food Truck Festival. I waltzed right on up to this Korean BBQ in a Cup food truck and ordered the combo cup, heat level 3. 

I will admit that I didn’t love the chicken and beef and would have actually liked a veggie version better. But, the rice, lettuce, and vermicelli noodles smothered in mayo style sauce, hot sauce and sesame seeds was quite delicious. It was like a spicy mayo sushi roll in a bowl, with noodles. Definitely going to have to try those veggie spring rolls next time I see them out and about.  As I was reading about all the options at the Columbus Food Truck Festival, I stumbled upon Put It In Your Face food truck and loved their story. Chef Rob McClaskey and his wife Christie run their sandwich cart together now. But, Rob spent many years of his life being the tour chef for acts like Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts, The Eagles and Van Halen. Now, he (and his wife) share their marvelous food with the masses. We’re quite thankful for that. 

We chose the Tex Mex Face Off on a grilled bun and it was marvelous. The brisket was smoky, flavorful and pulled apart perfectly. that corn salsa was fresh and had the perfect amount of crunch. The real kicker was the cilantro cream. It was reminiscent of the sauce at Arepazo and I seriously wanted like 10 bottles of it. Lucky for me, The Beard doesn’t like cream sauces so I got all of it. If they ever bottle this, I’ll be the first in line to buy it all. 

I feel like this next dish doesn’t even need an introduction. Hot Chicken Takeover made news this past month by sharing their limited time release of chicken bites served in a waffle cone! Served delightfully photogenic with a pickle on top. We got the warm heat level and then dipped it gently in the holy ranch. When I ordered the holy ranch, the gentleman gently said “you’re brave.” It was hot and it was amazing. I was immediately drawn to Sobremesa’s mantra emblazoned on the side of their food truck. I want to get this printed on a wooden sign to put in my kitchen. This plant-based Latin-infused food truck had one of my most favorite side dishes of the day.  

That’s me being excited about all the snacks we enjoyed throughout our parents day out at the Columbus Food Truck Festival. Most importantly would be those delightful tajadas, or sweet, fried plantain slices. Literally, so good. And no, they don’t taste like bananas. I decided to make them even better by adding strawberries and creme ice cream on top of the sweet plantains. This dish is definitely getting recreated at some point on this blog. Be on the lookout because everyone needs to try this combination. How else would you end a perfectly wonderful summer day than with homemade Johnson’s ice cream. Did you know that they just opened up another shop in Dublin? There is just something so wholesome about a cold scoop of this goodness topped on a sugar cone to share with your fella. Until next year, friends! 

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