Honey Lemon and Sour Cream Cookies

I think I’ve started several blog posts with something along the lines of “well, I wanted to make cookies, so here they are,” and today is no exception. The Beard and O were taking a long nap so I had a quiet weekend afternoon to myself which means I plop myself in the kitchen and […]

DIY Smore's Bar // The Beard and The Baker

DIY Smore’s Bar

I’m not sure if you guys are aware of this but I love a good DIY concept when it comes to food. It might come from having family members and friends who all have different likes and dislikes and my constant need to make them all happy. You can seriously apply this theme to just […]

Baby O Turns One: Part Two

Our little peanut is ONE! A whole year old. It’s insane how fast time goes. Here is a little follow up to our first post about her lovely birthday party! Hopefully, we inspire you to think outside the typical birthday party box.  So, in case you didn’t know. Her party theme was hot dogs and […]

Strawberry Shortcake

Sometimes I get an overwhelming urge to cook or bake something. It’s like a pregnancy craving, but I’m not pregnant. Just hungry for some homemade strawberry shortcake. Luckily, I had a pretty marvelous cookbook with a simple and delicious recipe for just this dish. I joined a Cookbook Swap a few months ago and received Baking […]

Bunny Fruit Salad

There is something about Easter and bunnies and Springtime that makes me so happy. I have so many sweet childhood memories based around Easter that I really didn’t realize until I was an adult and the traditions started to slip away. Contrary to what my parents think, I am NOT too old for an Easter basket […]

Thin Mint Pudding Pie

It’s that time of year! GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I feel like Thin Mints taste better because they are only available seasonally, but whatever, I won’t crush my adoration for these treats. Lately, I’ve really been into taking snacks that you would generally eat on their own then turning them into a dessert. Therefore, Thin Mint […]

Personal Banana Pudding Cups

Hi, I’m from the Midwest and we went to the buffet growing up. I like to think I’ve evolved from that form of gluttony but now it’s just all a homemade smorgasbord. Whoops. In a sea of jello, sugar laden cakes and soft serve, there was always one dessert that stuck out to me. The […]

Mini Buckeye Thumbprint Cookies

Apparently,  I am on some sort of dessert kick. I don’t hate it but my hips might. Oh, well. Bob’s Red Mill is hosting an Instagram contest right now for a cookie inspired by your state. What else screams Ohio other than a buckeye? A typical buckeye is peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar and […]