Banana Bread, Two Ways

I always buy a bundle of bananas with full intention of eating them throughout the week. Well, about 90% of the time they get brown and end up sitting on the counter until I toss them. Instead of being wasteful this time around, I made banana bread, two ways!  Of course, any recipe we have […]

Eggs in a Hole

I received this wonderful hot sauce from one of my lovely friends, Amanda as a thank you gift. Secret Aardvark is “Our flagship sauce features a unique “Caribbean meets Tex-Mex” flavor and just enough heat to slap the sass outta your mouth. It’s a versatile table sauce that adds a special something to dang near anything, […]

The Beard and The Baker Favorites: Breakfast Sandwiches

This post should maybe just be called “The Baker’s Favorite Things Ever.” I love breakfast sandwiches. I actually think that if (when!) we write a cookbook, I might have an entire section dedicated to breakfast sandwiches.  But, let’s start this thing off with the basics. You’ll need two pieces of some type of yummy carb slathered […]

Pumpkin Banana Bread

It is Fall in Ohio so f I don’t post a recipe with pumpkin, I think I get my midwest female blogger card revoked. When I write recipes, I usually look all over the world wide web for what I want to make to search for some inspiration. Today I found these three recipes: Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread from […]

Soft Homemade Bagels

Is there anything more amazing than a freshly toasted bagel with some butter slathered on top? Sure isn’t. There is a Panera Bread within walking distance to our apartment and they almost know me on a first name basis. It’s an addiction. Their rapid pickup app on my phone is literally the best invention. I […]

Savory Jarlsberg & Thyme Biscuits

Nothing like breakfast for dinner. Brinner? I hate that term but I love the execution. Since we had a smidgen of breakfast sausage leftover from our event with Crimson Cup, we decided to whip up some biscuits and (chicken) sausage gravy. The ultimate comfort food. The Beard has a gravy recipe down pat (which we’ll […]