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BrewDog USA: Restaurant Review

Every parent needs a day out. It’s an even better when that day includes the new(ish) brewery, BrewDog. Located in Canal Winchester, it’s only about a 20-minute drive from Downtown Columbus. And totally worth every minute of the drive. 

brew dog

The Beard and I recently spent the day without our little peanut at BrewDog and were happily surprised with the drinks, food and especially the price. Although, we honestly could have brought our daughter. The brewery is huge, has large and inviting tables and even has a little game room off to the side. There was a couple next to us who had their toddler and another few kiddos running around during lunch. I don’t recommend bringing your child on a Friday night, but a Sunday afternoon is definitely family friendly. 

brew dog

Our server was wonderful and guided us through all their options, pausing to give extra information where needed. It is super refreshing to have great service like this, especially when it’s unexpected. If you aren’t a huge beer lover, don’t worry because they do offer some cocktails (featuring local spirits) and wines. While they obviously focus on serving their brews, they also have a great list of Ohio options like Wolf’s Ridge, Madtree, and Rhinegeist

brew dog

Most places in Columbus offer flights and they typically run anywhere from $8-$12, depending on the brew and the location. The price wasn’t listed on the menu and we honestly thought this huge sampling would be at least $10. Uh, it wasn’t. Mine was like $5 and The Beard’s was about $5.50. This made me feel better since I didn’t really care for the Cocoa Psycho option. I always order a stout/porter when I get a flight and I always regret it. I think that I like them and I just don’t. I loved my other three options – Elvis Juice, Dead Pony and 5 AM Saint. They were all smooth, flavorful and made me want to go back for more. 

Okay, so the drinks were really great. But, the food was amazing! I think it can be tricky for bars/breweries to execute food AND drinks really well. It’s usually one or the other. Not the case here. They offer a delicious variety of sandwiches, burgers, pizzas and little bites. While we were perusing the menu, we also noticed some Equity for Punks info on the table and were quite intrigued. It turns out the Average Joe and Jane like you and me can easily invest in BrewDog. There is a long list of perks that come along with your small or sizable investment, check them out here


I know this might be lame but my favorite wings are from Roosters. I love when bone in wings are breaded, fried, crispy and sauced up. These wings from BrewDog are actually just as good, if not better. The breading is perfectly crisp and coated in spicy sauce. You’ll be glad you have a flight of chilled brews to cool down your mouth after you devour these. Oh, also they come littered with cilantro. I thought it was really weird but then tried a sprig with a wing and it was spectacular. Not sure why but I didn’t hate it. 

brew dog

FRIED CHICKEN. Literally, my favorite thing. If you don’t know, I chose our wedding dinner at a venue that would have amazing friend chicken on the menu. This sandwich was fantastic. It features a fried chicken thigh with honey butter glaze, pimento cheese, special sauce and romaine lettuce on a super soft and flavorful brioche bun. The large plates don’t come with a side but they have some fantastic options to go along with it. I chose the smoked mac and cheese which I’m like 95% sure is Vegan and pretty marvelous. 

brew dog

The Beard isn’t usually a seafood fan. But, he loves walleye. Not sure if it’s because it’s typically from Lake Erie and he has soft spot for local dishes. But, he ordered the fish and chips, featuring some yummy walleye. Similar to the fried chicken sandwich and the fried wings … guess we like fried food … the fish was crisp, flavorful and had the perfect amount of breading to meat ratio. This “chips” portion of this entree is BrewDog’s “hop fries” which are just regular ol’ french fries seasoned with some ground up hops and herbs. They were yummy but nothing to write home about compared to the rest of the meal. All in all, my advice is to head to BrewDog as soon as you can for a few drinks and a fantastic meal. brew dog


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