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Barre3 Powell + CoreLife Eatery + Powell Village Winery

Well, I’m doing something different today and talking about fitness! Don’t worry, I’m also adding in food and wine. Because life is all about balance. The lovely ladies at Barre3 in Powell invited me and some other awesome mama bloggers to enjoy a free class and some delicious food from CoreLife Eatery. We were going to have some wine too but our boys in blue put a kibosh on that and instead we got a lovely little gift card to Powell Village Winery! If you aren’t familiar with Barre3, it is a “60-minute workout that mixes athleticism, grace, and the latest innovations designed to balance the body.” It is “inspired by ballet, yoga, and pilates” and is legitimately the only workout that I thoroughly enjoy. I feel so strong when I finish this class (and hella sore) and proud of myself for lasting 60 minutes without dying or outwardly complaining. Their class schedule is also awesome for anyone because they offer early morning, mid-day, and evening classes. 

Membership includes some pretty awesome perks like unlimited monthly studio classes, a subscription to barre3 online, and retail discounts. There is a variety of new client specials, which you can read about here. The best new client perk is getting a FREE class from me using the code CBUSBLOG when you checkout. Then, you’ll get to check out their awesome center which is bright, welcoming, and has all the amenities you need. My personal favorite perk of membership is free childcare! If you aren’t a member, it’s just $5 each time you come for a class. Their little childcare area is very open and full of fun games for kids of all ages. You can also see the childcare area from the studio, so I may have snuck a peak to Baby O once or twice during class.  Jenny hung out with Baby O and another cute little kiddo during my class. They colored, played with balls, and I didn’t hear a peep from her the whole class. I can’t say what a great service this is for parents. If they also offered a coworking space, I would probably live here. My class was co-taught by Meg and Katie. They are amazing. They are kind, passionate, and genuinely sweet ladies who want to see you succeed with your class intention. If you like the touchy-feely part of yoga, but hate a 10-minute savasana, then you will love Barre3. It has the elements of yoga that I adore, but also adds in intensity and repetition that seriously makes you feel the burn. Okay, so don’t be a hero when you grab your weights. The first time I tried Barre3 (several years ago), I grabbed a 5lb weight and about 30 reps in wanted to chop my arms off. Start with 1lb or heck, don’t start with any weight. Oh, and grab a towel because you will get sweeatty! I had to grab one about 10 minutes into class because I was already drenched. I hope I’m not scaring you because seriously it’s such a fun and rewarding class. I think everyone should try it at least once. See, I made it! I think one of my favorite things about this class is that the whole concept of Barre3 is to make it work for your body, your mood, your intention for the day. Whenever the teacher switches to a new posture, they offer modifications or come over and help you if you are struggling. I had a c-section with Baby O which means there are certain ab workouts that just don’t work for me. Katie happily showed me a modification that was awesome and then I wasn’t sitting there struggling while everyone else was succeeding. And now we reward ourselves with snacks. If you haven’t been to CoreLife Eatery, there is one located across from Polaris Fashion Place next to Starbucks. They are a fast casual eatery that features “green bowls, grain bowls, broth bowls, and made-from-scratch beverages. These hearty salads leave you energized and full. Menu is perfect for those eating vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, Whole 30, and more.”

They also have this wonderful sparkling water from Dasani that was so delicious. I felt guilty cheating on LaCroix but it was delicious and just what I needed after sweating profusely for an hour. If you don’t want something canned, CoreLife Eatery also makes their teas and lemonades fresh in house daily! They offer some pretty yummy flavors like cucumber basil lemonade and tropical green tea.



 I scarfed down the Greens & Ancient Grains Bowl which features warm quinoa, shredded kale + arugula, tomatoes, corn, chickpeas, broccoli, and shredded white cheddar. I topped it with some balsamic vinaigrette and it was delicious. I love pre-decided salads like this because they are carefully crafted to taste delicious and balance each other out. We also found out that they are opening two more locations in Columbus next year which is pretty exciting!Now you have no excuse not to try Barre3 Powell at least once because you have a free coupon code! Just be sure to use CBUSBLOG when you checkout. Once you love it, make sure to tell me and then maybe also let’s get a glass of wine after class. Deal? 


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