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Balboa: Restaurant Review

Okay, don’t judge me but this was my FIRST time to Balboa. When it opened last spring, we intended to go after it “died down.” Well, wouldn’t you know it that it never “died down.” I now completely understand why. It’s fantastic! If you only read the first paragraph here, just know that you should make your next meal consist of their margaritas and tacos. 


We were invited to a nice little brunch with a few other Columbus food bloggers to learn a little bit more about Balboa. Obviously, it started out with some cocktails. We were generously offered some mimosas which are always a brunch staple. The OJ was in an adorable glass carafe with the champagne coming straight from the bottle. I didn’t see a price for this style on their brunch menu but I assume you can get it that way! If not, a single mimosa is $6. 

If you want to splurge a little bit more, I highly suggest their blueberry basil margarita. $8 for a single or $32 for a pitcher. I don’t actually think I’ve had tequila before 2pm. Oh well, mama’s day out. This fresh brunch cocktail wasn’t too sweet or alcohol-y, it was a delightful balance that paired wonderfully with the rest of our snacks. 
balboaSpeaking of snacks. How marvelous do these churro waffles look? I mean these are basically dessert. Not that I’m complaining. I would love to make these at home and possibly add some mexican spiced fried chicken. Okay, now that I’ve written that, it has to happen. Balboa, what are you doing to me? 


I’m suddenly a fan of taking lunch and dinner meals, adding some eggs and calling it a breakfast item. Balboa’s breakfast tacos don’t disappoint. Ours came with a hefty piece of bacon, avocado, scrambled eggs, pico and a delightful tomatillo mayo-esque sauce. We all shared these first two appetizers and I would actually recommend that you do the same! Both of these snacks are completely shareable and would please just about everyone. 


If you are looking for something a little heftier, might I introduce Balboa’s version of steak and eggs. My sister, Eat Play Cbus, ordered this one and asked “if you roast a jalapeno, are they less spicy?” as she shoved these extra seedy jalapenos in her mouth. Spoiler alert – they aren’t less spicy if you roast them. 

Aside from the heat in this dish, the steak is super tender and is paired with your favorite style of eggs topped with another yummy mayo-esque sauce. Oh, and I didn’t even mention the best part! Sweet. Potato. Hash. Mmm, mixed with some onions and peppers — super dreamy. 


I saved the best for last. Everyone knows I love a great breakfast sandwich. The bread it comes on is a super soft Cubano style bread that soaks in all the egg yolk, sauce, and general deliciousness. Balboa’s eggwich comes with pork belly on it which of course I don’t eat, but I shared with the crew. Fun fact. Pork belly is bacon! It’s just called something different depending on how you cook it. The more you know. 

All in all, I would absolutely recommend testing out Balboa for brunch, lunch or dinner! I mean they also have happy hour, so get yourself there. If you ever have a choice of server, ask for Tom. He’s wonderful, honest and shares an affinity for amazing food.  

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