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Bake Me Happy Gluten Free Bakery

This is oh so exciting for the city of Columbus. Our lovely friend, Bryant, invited us to a Friends & Family Day at the relaunch of Bake Me Happy in Merion Village. While all of our yummy snacks were provided for free, all thoughts and opinions are purely our own. Mark your calendars for the Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, November 4th at 9am. Bake Me Happy is located at 116 E Moler Street in Merion Village, just a little south of German Village. The awesome female owned bakery is a completely, 100% certified gluten-free bakery but don’t let that deter you if you still enjoy all-purpose flour. Their cute little corner spot just expanded to include a full coffee bar. Hallelujah! Columbus can always use more coffee shops. Plus, they have free wifi which is pretty great for us work from home types. Just make sure you don’t come Sunday-Tuesday because they are only open Wednesday-Saturdays from 7am-5pm and Sundays from 9am-2pm, for now. This creme cloud mocha was heavenly and just what I needed for a Sunday afternoon pick-me-up. Their coffee prices are super affordable and they have a great menu. Honestly, anything that has cinnamon sprinkled on top is a win in my book. Something I love about Bake Me Happy is that they make their own version of classic, childhood snacks just like Brown Sugar Poptarts. I actually need everyone to understand that Brown Sugar Poptarts are the BEST Poptarts. Now, I’m going to share a ton of yummy pictures featuring their delicious gluten-free treats. 
I meannnnn, oatmeal creme pies also known as Oatmeal Creme Clouds. The soft oatmeal cookies smooshed with marshmallow filling are so yummy and I’d like to eat all of them. Co-owners and wife duo, Letha and Wendy know their way around a gluten free kitchen. 
Okay, actually these are my FAVORITE. I can’t believe that these chocolate chip cookies are gluten-free because they are amazing. Bake Me Happy seriously blows my mind when it comes to transforming the typical gluten-full items into something everyone can enjoy.  Don’t think they just make sweet dishes! They also serve savory items like these portobello and red onion galettes and they are DELISH. One of the bakers gave me the inside scoop that they are going to change up their galettes every season. I can’t wait to see what they come up with in the fall. Oh, donut muffins. I have nothing else to say except that these are yummy and I love them. Don’t worry, these are only mini versions and the real deal are much larger. Every day has a different scone or two including flavors like maple cream, bacon and white cheddar and a pizza scone! I think I’m the most excited about the dill, stone ground mustard, and white cheddar. Yum, so good. 
Don’t forget to use the #BMHmugshot when you stop in to get your gluten-free goodies! I have a feeling this hashtag is going to get used quite a lot. Okay, also how cute is this? Someone please craft this and give it to me for Christmas. Also, teach me how to keep a succulent alive. Thank you much. 
With the expansion of the coffee shop, their bakery got a nice little boost too! I mean all this space is amazing. It was the perfect little spot for us to start decorating our adorable little sugar cookies. It’s important to note that their entire facility is gluten free which is a feat to complete. Any type of cross-contamination can be detrimental to those who are medically gluten free so make sure you’re sensitive of those guidelines when you come on in. These cut out cookies are so fun to decorate and so reminiscent of all the Christmas goodies we are going to decorate in the next few months. According to their lovely owner, they might even start doing some decorating classes soon! Sign me up for that one, please. I feel like I want to have a cookie decorating party in my life soon and I know where I’ll be getting the cookies for it. Good news is you can order them here for your next party. In addition to all their treats being yummy, they use all Bob’s Red Mill flours to mix their own concoctions. Since the owner, Wendy, learned that she lives her best life without gluten she’s been perfecting the perfect blend of gluten-free flours. It was so awesome hearing how dedicated she is to learning why a blend works better with pie crust than it does with scones or cookies. She’s a gluten-free genius. I’m so in love with this space and can’t wait eat all the gluten-free treats and yummy caffeinated beverages. Don’t forget that their Grand Re-Opening is Saturday, November 4th bright and early at 9am! What are you looking forward to the most? 

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