About Us

Hi there! 

This is Hannah, the voice behind the food punny posts you see here. Joel (my husband) is the brains behind (most of) the fabulous cooking you drool over on this site. Together we make up The Beard and The Baker dream team.

How did we get here? Well, we work with food, talk about food and fell in love over food. After annoying our friends and family with countless pictures of our home cooked meals and a plea for recipes, we decided to start The Beard and The Baker.

Our food philosophy is simple. Use the highest quality ingredients you can afford, don’t eat too much of what you can’t pronounce, have fun and make a mess in the kitchen. Stick with us and we promise you’ll learn a little something and enjoy every bit of it.

Not only do we love to cook (and bake), we love the city we live in — hello, Columbus! We want everyone to adore Buckeye City as much as we do, so we’ll also toss in some restaurant, business and event reviews. Now that we’ve got a little Buckeye of our own, we might share a few good family friends places for good measure. 

We hope you enjoy every bit of The Beard and The Baker,