About Us


Welcome to The Beard and The Baker, we’re so glad you’re here. This is Hannah, the voice behind The Beard and The Baker. Joel, my husband, is the brains behind most of the awesome cooking you see here. I’m more of a baker and I don’t have a beard. Hence, The Beard and The Baker. 

We work with food, talk about food and fell in love over food. What started as a website to share our homemade recipes with you all has developed into a food-focused recipe, travel, review and event website and we love it that way. 

We are based out of Columbus and absolutely love our city, go Buckeyes! We want everyone who lives here or visits to feel the exact same way as we do about our capital city so we have plenty of restaurant reviews, event details and more.

Traveling has also become a fun part of our lives because we are so centrally located to so many awesome places. We’re slowly but surely adding all of our traveling excursions with you so you can see how easy, affordable and fun it can to be a tourist in close or far away spots. 

Lastly, we have a little peanut of our own so sometimes we will toss in a few family-friendly things just for kicks. We hope you enjoy every bit of The Beard and The Baker! 

-Hannah, Joel, and Baby O